Sabre Defence Raided

So the ATF raided Sabre Defence this morning.

Also, there are (unsubstantiated) rumors of theft of employee’s possessions, and a lot of missing guns and gun parts. Seeing as the ATF sent all the employees off and brought a semi-trailer and backed it up to the loading dock, those rumors seem very damn possible. Also, there are some rumbling about employee’s stealing from the company, but those are just rumors as well.

What the heck, feds? First Cav Arms, and then this? Why does the ATF feel this mysterious need to raid random gun manufacturers?

However, the most chilling part is this,

“Law enforcement officials were seen escorting employees one by one of the company out of their 35,000-square-foot facility on Allied Drive. Each employee was searched next to their personal vehicle, had their vehicle searched and, when cleared, were allowed to leave the premises. No individuals were witnessed being arrested.”

Unless the government agents had a search warrant for each invidual worker’s vehicle (85 employees there, so probably that many cars), those were all illegal searches. It doesn’t matter that the cars were parked on company property; the cars themselves are private. ATF had zero right to search those vehicles, and THAT really ticks me off.


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