The Healthcare Bill – Unconstitutional?

In short, no. The healthcare bill is not unconstitutional.

Now, before you begin thinking that some rabid-dog liberal has hacked my blog, let me assure you that this is me. Cameron Sullivan, an almost-Libertarian Conservative. And here’s what I think are the facts of the core of the healthcare frenzy. One thing I would like to say before we start, though, is this: Please read this post with an open mind. Think clearly about what I’m saying, and then tell me in the comments whether you agree or disagree with me . . . and WHY.

With that in mind, let’s go.

The Supreme Court of the United States was established as the judicial arm of the U.S. government. They were established by Article III of the United States Constitution, which called for the establishment of a Judicial Branch of the federal government, but the specifics of the Supreme Court were spelled out in an act of Congress, the Judiciary Act of 1789. Today, the purpose of the judiciary is to determine if laws passed by legislatures (on a national, state, or local level) violate the U.S. Constitution (that was not the Supreme Court’s orginal purpose, but that’s another post). It was and is the final decision-making body regarding constitutionality. Seeing as there has been no Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the healthcare reform bill, and therefore no ruling declaring it unconstitutional, the healthcare bill is constitutional.

Simple as that. The Supreme Court has not said the healthcare bill is unconstitutional, so right now it just isn’t.

Now, do I think the healthcare bill is unconstitutional? Yup, I think forcing people to buy something, even if they don’t want to, violates the Constitution. I also think the bill is a worthless, vague, dangerous pile of dog droppings pushed through by self-serving, power-hungry politicians, and I will pursue any legal and ethical means necessary to get those worthless sacks of hot air out of office.

But will my and everyone else’s screaming and complaining that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional change anything? Nope, it won’t. What we think is constitutional may or may not be true . . . there can be a difference between what we think and what IS.

So, now that you’re all good and mad at me, let me say thanks for sticking with me as I infuriated you. I look forward to reading the comments, so make ’em good. 😉


5 Responses to The Healthcare Bill – Unconstitutional?

  1. moose1942 says:

    Cameron has been replaced by a pod person! THE HORROR! 😀

    Hmm interesting take on the subject. Rational thinking it’s freaking amazing. Too bad the left would rather FEEL everything.

    Lets hope this piece of filth never reaches the supremos. Lets get this crap repealed come November.

    • Thanks for reading, Moose, I appreciate it.

      And yeah, I did try to think rationally on the subject. I still personally think the healthcare bill is disgustingly unconstitutional, though. 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    Welll….I sure ain’t the sharpest tool in anyones shed but I do KNOW, not feel but KNOW that it is not RIGHT (may be legal but sure isn’t RIGHT) to force somebody to purchase goods and/or services that they do not want. Just the way some of us in the greater Myrtle Beach area feel.

    Healthcare reform is a great idea, the execution by the the alleged peoples representatives was abysmal to asy the least.

    • No arguments there, man . . . I don’t think it’s right either. Honestly, what’s the difference between forcing people to buy health insurance and forcing people to buy, say, a hybrid car?

      I also agree with your second point: Healthcare reform is a great idea . . . but it could have been “reformed” in a ten page bill, not the kabillion-page monstrosity that passed.

  3. Jeff says:

    Amen Brother!

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