Well . . .

If you’ve been reading my blog recently (and thanks if you have), you’ve probably noticed that I have posted virtually nothing of substance for a while. You have my most sincere apologies for that; I despise not being able to post.

Now, excuses time: I was laid off a little while ago, and have been scrambling recently with several part-time jobs and prearranged summer activities (visits to relatives, etc.). This has left me busy and exhausted, neither of which are conducive to good blogging.

This is likely to change sometime towards the end of the month, and I will strive to post more after that. Thanks for hanging in there, to those of you that have!


2 Responses to Well . . .

  1. Jeff says:

    Hang in ther Cam, I got laid off a (long) while ago. The economy sucks but just keep troopin’ on brutha!

  2. moose1942 says:

    Remember home and family 1st. The Internets should be a distant 64th. 😉

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