About Me

Hey, folks, glad you stopped by. I’m using this blog as a place to post my writing and to ramble on about just about anything. Enjoy. If you need to contact me for any reason, be it to send me hate mail on one of my opinions, congratulate me on how correct I am, whatever, feel free to comment. I would post my email, but I get enough spam as it is. 😉

Here’s a few things you should know about me . . .

I’m an average, single, middle-class, young to middle-age guy with a biting sense of sarcasm, and a cynical view of just about everything.  

I’m opinionated. You should know that right off. However, I’m almost always willing to change my opinions if you can offer me convincing evidence that I’m wrong.

I’m conservative. Very much so. In fact, I’m almost Libertarian. This will come through a bit in my political writings.

And oh yeah . . .

Above all, I’m a writer.


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