Chapter 5 – Not Dead Yet

We were about ten feet from the creature when it gave a low moaning noise. We froze. “It’s awake,” Phil said nervously 

“You mean ‘alive’,” I shot back, my gun leveled at its crushed skull. Except it wasn’t crushed anymore. The pieces were slowly rotating and moving back to their normal positions.

“Oh, my gosh,” Tony whispered, “This thing will never die.”

The creature rocked to its knees, facing away from us. We didn’t wait for it to turn around; we all started firing at once. About 15 rounds of various calibers hit it in the head and back within two seconds, and it went down again. It staggered back to its feet, turning around, and for the first time we saw its face clearly.

It was a man. But unlike any man I had ever seen before. It was pale as death, and, when it opened its mouth to scream at us, had long, white teeth. Oh, my God. It was a vampire. No way. No way in Hell. I yelled in shock and terror as it began pacing deliberately towards us, seeming to smile mockingly as it soaked up round after round. We all backpedaled frantically, still firing, but Ryan stood his ground, staring down the barrel of his shotgun at the approaching demon.

“Ryan, RUN!” Josh yelled, kneeling in front of the truck, still firing, “Or at least shoot the darned thing!”

Ryan waited until the vampire was only a few feet in front of him and then emptied his shotgun into it as fast as he could pull the trigger. Half the monster’s head disappeared in sprays of black as six rounds of birdshot dug their way into its skull. Ryan dropped the shotgun and sprinted to the truck, pulling his carry piece as he went.

The vampire staggered around, its eyes destroyed the shotgun. By now, it was only ten feet away from the truck where we had gathered. All of us but Tony were kneeling in front of the truck, firing steadily into the blinded monster.

“Where’s Tony?” I shouted as I slammed my last magazine into my XD and ran the slide forward. “Where the heck is Tony?!”

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. We’d found Tony. Clever son-of-a-gun had jumped into the truck bed, loaded all the shotguns and was firing them from the roof of the truck at the blinded demon in front of us.

Phil’s gun ran empty, and he ducked into the truck, where he pulled a giant chrome revolver from the glove box. “Tony!” he called, lifting a hand.

Tony tossed him a shotgun–my shotgun, I noticed–and Phil fired two rounds into the beast and threw it back up to Tony for reloading. Phil then moved to the front passenger’s side of the truck, knelt, and leveled his gun at the vampire, who was already healing from his traumatic wounds.

BANG! BANG! Two massive .44 rounds struck the vampire in the chest and head. Phil fired the remaining four rounds and dove into the truck to reload.

My gun’s slide locked back; I was completely out. Josh, who was next to me, fired two more rounds and then went empty too. The vampire seemed to notice this immediately. It turned to face us, oblivious to Ryan shooting frantically at it from between the truck’s headlights and Tony shelling it from the roof.

Almost too quick for us to see, the vampire sprinted towards us. I barely had time to draw my knife before it was there. Josh, a good 50 pounds heavier than me, jumped in front of me to block the vampire. It batted him into the side of the truck as if he weighed nothing. I slashed frantically at the undead beast but missed, and it seized me around the neck and lifted me into the air.

Everything I read about vampire flashed through my head in that one second. Vampires are killed by silver bullets, vampires only come out at night, vampires turn people into other vampires by biting them–Oh, my gosh. This is not how I want to die . . .

BOOM! Good old Tony. He had fired into the vampire from the roof at point blank range, blowing half of its head off. The vampire dropped me, shrieking with rage, and leapt up on the roof. Tony smashed its head in with a shotgun butt and leaped off the other side. As the vampire moved to pursue him, Phil shot it twice from below.

I caught my breath and got my bearings. Next to me, Josh was shaking his head like an angry bull.

“Stupid thing. I haven’t been tackled like that since I was a freshman in high school.”

I grinned. Good old Josh. We heard Phil fire twice more from the far side of the truck, and the vampire screamed in rage.

“It’s not healing!” Phil shouted, “It’s dying! Come on, let’s kill this freaking thing!”

These words gave us both energy. Josh and I stood up on shaky legs and looked into the truck bed. A Mossberg 500 and a Remington 870 sat there  on top of their cases, both empty. “Load ‘em up,” I ordered, throwing one and a box of shells to Josh. Phil fired his last two rounds, from the front of the truck now, and Tony’s Kimber and Ryan’s Taurus 1911 joined in.

Josh and I finished loading the shotguns and we topped them off. We sprinted to the front of the truck. “On three!” I shouted, “Shoot for its head on three! One, two, th-”

We never got to three. The beast leaped forward, almost as if it sensed our plan, and grabbed Josh. Josh yelled in fear, kicking the vampire repeatedly as it dragged him backwards. I held the shotgun, unable to fire for fear of hitting Josh as he drew his hunting knife from his holster and took off the hand gripping him. The vampire shrieked and pounced.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. Josh was raising his hunting knife, ready to stab the demon in the chest when it simply drew back its fist and punched him straight through the skull. There was a sickening popping noise, and Josh was dead.

Josh. No . . . No.  None of us could say or do anything as the vampire deliberately pulled its brain-coated fist out of Josh’s skull and seemed to run its tongue over it. This horrific act brought us back to reality. We all leveled our guns and fired at once. This time, true to what Phil had said, the bullet holes remained. The vampire collapsed to its knees beside Josh’s horribly mutilated corpse, weaving drunkenly. Tony, Ryan, and Phil emptied their guns into the beast. As soon as their slides locked back, I ran forward.

“See how you like this, blood-sucker!” I screamed, “Back to hell!” I slammed the barrel of the Mossberg into its mouth. I pulled the trigger over and over, pumping the action unconsciously. Four rounds later, the vampires head was all but separated from its body.

I stepped back, fearful that it would just get up again. The other three guys stepped up next to me. No one had any more weapons, not even a knife. We watched as the vampire’s red eyes slowly blinked at us . . . and then dissolved. The undead corpse melted in front of our eyes, and the vampire was gone, leaving behind nothing but a twisted, blackened skeleton.

I turned to look at Tony, who for once, had no smart remarks. “Heck, man,” he said shakily. “Heck.”

I nodded in silent agreement, and then my legs wouldn’t hold me anymore, and I collapsed. Before everything went dark, I saw blue flashing lights coming down the road. Heh. Police. Just after the nick of time . . . they’re gonna have a whole lot of fun identifying what happened here . . . Wait . . . what did really happen here? Then everything went dark.


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