Chapter 9 – Millionaires

We met a few days later, on a Friday evening, this time at Phil’s apartment. I opened the “meeting,” as they had come to be known.

“Okay, first order of business is the silver. We’ve got it, and it’s being couriered down here from New York.”

“Why’d you have it couriered?” Tony asked curiously, “I mean, we’ve got tons of money, but it’s sure as heck not going to last forever.”

“It seemed the best thing to do,” I replied, “They offered, and I just thought it would seem weird to say, ‘No thanks, I’ll come up and pick up my 125 pounds of pure silver by myself. Take it home in my car.’ Know what I mean?”

“I guess. Anyway, keep going.”

“They’ll have it at the airport tomorrow. We’ll have to go pick it up. Now, about the forge. The best place to set it up would be at Josh’s cabin. It’d be kind of weird for someone to just put it in their backyard. We have to buy the parts and the oxygen for the fuel separately and all, but it should all get here within the week. It cost about $2,000 total. So, in summary, I just spent us $40,940, leaving us with $39,560. Pretty pricey, but compared to the silver, everything else should be fairly cheap. Alright . . . Tony! You got anything?”

Tony stood up. “I’ve been researching how well silver reacts to molds and stuff like that, so once we have the molds and the silver, I should be able to get right into it. Other than that, got nothing.” He sat down again.


Ryan took the floor. “I’ve found a machine that will work perfectly for our purposes. Sticker price is $4,750. Add in the blank steel molds and spare bits, and we’re looking at about $6,000 total. Okay to buy?”

“Everyone okay with that?” I asked. Everyone nodded. “Okay, Ryan, go ahead. That brings us down to $33,560 left. Next?”

Phil stood up next. “I was thinking about guns these last couple days, and I was thinking I could take orders, like. Give me your orders and I’ll see what I can do. Todd, you go first.”

“Benelli M3 Super 90 would be awesome . . . can you get a hold of one of those?”

“None in the shop, but I can order. Before we get into those, though, we should probably debate the more expensive ones.”


“Class Three stuff. I know Tony has one, so I figured if anyone else wanted one, we should get started on that process now.”

Ooh. This sounded great. “Can we afford that?”

“We can afford one more. I’ve actually had my eyes on a nice HK G3 that’s priced at $17,000. It’s a .308, so less work for Tony, since he’s already going to be doing that for our long-range gun.”

  “I’m fine with that. Everyone else fine with that?”

Everyone else nodded and Phil grinned. “Cool. Okay, now we’re at $16,560. I’ll take the orders now. Todd, you wanted a Benelli?”


“I can get that. Anything else?”

“No, I’m set. Tony?”

“Stainless Kimber Custom II with adjustable sights and a few Wilson Combat mags.”

“Sounds like you’ve given it some thought.”

“Yeah. Can you do it?”

“Uh-huh. Ryan?”

“Umm . . . my Glock’s good for a sidearm, but I wouldn’t mind a FAL as a rifle. Semi-auto will be fine.”

“Okay. Ballpark . . . this will all be about $3,000 or so. I’ll let you know when I have all of it.”

“Thanks, Phil. We’re now at about $13,560. Well, unless anyone else has anything else–”

“I’ve got one more thing,” Ryan interrupted, “I was looking up vampires at the library and some legends say they can be killed by oak stakes through the heart.”

“We might have some trouble getting that close and surviving, man,” Tony said.

“I know. But what about a crossbow? I can carve some nice thick oak bolts, and Tony can probably make them silver tips. Best of both worlds.”

This struck all of us as a good idea. “Got a bow?” I asked.

“Yeah. Crossbow. I can carve up some oak planks for bolts and I’ve already got flights, so I won’t need money.”

“Great. Good thinking. Alright, I guess that’s all. See you guys next week.”


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